Savory Escapade

There is a reason that our region is called “the Valley of Taste.” For flavours and tastes, there are plenty!

Ferme du ChampiaYou want strawberries? At Ossogne, Henri Vrancken grows them, as well as other fruit and vegetables.

You have sweet tooth? So do not miss the Sigogi chocolate factory (best craftsman in Belgium 2017 and Gault and Millau 2018), goldsmith in the field, who produces his chocolates in Ciney. Not far from the Grange d’Ychippe, the Ferme du Champia offers you, in addition to its own organic products, a range of local products from local producers.

Fromages à volonté

Fromage Collégial de CineyOne of the great specialties of the region is cheese. There’s cheese for every taste, from the softest to the full bodied, cow’s milk, goat or sheep? A whole generation of young farmers now walk in the footsteps of the pioneers. Recently, several producers have teamed up to produce the Collegial, a cheese that embodies “the Valleys of flavors”.

Some addresses:

At these locations, you will also find other local produces and home made production. Same thing in Sinsin, where the Farm of Bairy offers its dairy products from organic agriculture in their farm. Not far from there, the Petry-Taviet Farm at Nettine also offers its local farm products and local grocery store.

the country of elegant beers

Trappiste de RochefortThe terroir is also available in many products whose reputation no longer need to be demonstrated : the Trappist Rochefort delights the most avid beer-drinker: brewed in the Abbey of Saint-Rémy de Rochefort, it combines power and authenticity.

No fewer than 22 breweries in the province of Namur and Luxembourg continue the brewing.

The Brewery of Bocq in Purnode product the Blanche de Namur, the Triple Moine and other high-quality beers.
brasserie de la LesseIn Eprave, the Brewery of the Lesse is a social purpose cooperative created in 2011 by a group of friends passionate about the beer, concerned about the future of their land and disillusioned with the functioning of the dominant economic system. They created, among others, the Chinette, the Cambrée and the Red Cross, a range that will not leave you unmoved.

Every part of the pig is the best part! !

The other flagship product is of course Ardennes ham. For 2000 years (!) the gourmands have feasted on Ardennes ham.  Today, its fame streches far beyond our borders and its supporters jealously guard it.

La boucherie Duterme à LeignonAt Leignon, two kilometres away from the Grange d’Ychippe, you will discover the local “boudin” (pudding) that you will enjoy.  The one from Duterme  is known throughout the region: white on Tuesdays, black on Thursdays….

And remember: every year in October, the Chevetogne Estate offers “Chevetogne a little pig”, a whole weekend around the pig, all the sauces and for all lovers of good things …

And restaurants ?

Here is a small selection

Ambiance au restaurant

– At Hamois, l’Entre Nous

– At Achet, Au gré des saisons

– At Durbuy, Le Sanglier des Ardennes

– At Waha (Marche-en-Famenne), Les Quatre Saisons


A craving for a snack?  You can go to the Atelier Salé in Leignon, bar to delicious burgers!

Kids love ice cream? Two essential addresses : Le Mont Blanc at Ciney and le Pré en Boule at Maffe

The unmissable unclassifiable

A great place to eat along the Lesse… once you set foot in it, you will not pass by by chance! : La Flobette is a refuge on the banks of the Lesse in the Parc de Furfooz, a nature bar where you can eat good local produce and cooked by Florence, and discover artists at the time of the ” Aperitif on saturday late afternoon at 5pm.
A break to savor!

La Cidrerie du CondrozThe ancient apples are the raw material of the Cidrerie Condroz. They come from of ancient untreated high stem varieties ; Canadian Reinette, Bellflower, Gueule de mouton … a gustatory emotion guaranteed.